A Cyclist for Peace

11 years, 150 countries and one message of peace, compassion & harmony

IMG_3493This is the successful story of a kind-hearted man with extraordinary passion and courage, seeking the peaceful coexistence of the entire human race in the 21st century. Pushkar Shah is a man with a zeal, compassion, strength and high intellect who speaks of peace and harmonious coexistence; A true hero, “The Global Peace Ambassador”. His journey began in November 1998 with seed money of just 100 Rupees ($1 USD) from his mother. Over 11 years he completed his world Cycle tour of all continents of the globe. Pushkar Shah is an example and an inspiration to all mankind, who has proven that a determined person can do anything they dream.

Born in a remote village of Nepal in the foothills of the Himalaya, he grew up with first-hand experience of both war and peace, experiencing the loss of  his father to senseless violence at a young age. As a college student he took great pride in his involvement in the peace and democracy movement, and paid the price for his courage and selfless ambitions. He was arrested, beaten, tortured and even shot during the Nepal people’s movement in 1990.

Though he dealt with many hardships and challenges during his journey, he never failed to convince the people he met to understand the importance of peace and humanity on earth. He went through life-threatening and thrilling experiences in his journey; He was robbed 11 times, mugged 9 times, was kidnapped once and was nearly murdered twice. Amazingly, His bicycle was only stolen once. He also was proposed marriage 11 times in different countries! But all these joys and perils would not shake Pushkar Shah nor change his intention, and he kept on his journey until its successful conclusion.

His message “ May Peace Prevail on Earth” was seen and heard by many the many people he met around the world. He had the unique fortune of experiencing incredible warmth, friendship, hospitality and exchange of knowledge and ideas with people the world over, reinforcing his belief that the goodness of humanity is alive and well and knows no geographic bounds.

He pedaled his cycle for 221,000 km in 11 years which is equal to the distance of 5 and half times around the earth. During his journey he was able to touch 5 continents and 150 nations. Nature, environment, language, and food was different in every step of the journey. He was happy to see the globe by 360 degree and when he ended cycling he had accumulated 192 nations flags. As the final announcement of his successful accomplishment of his world tour, on 17th may 2010 he summited the top of the world, Mount Everest, with the bounty of colorful flags of 150 of the world’s nations.

His handwritten journal is nearly 3000 pages, where he recorded the experiences of his journey. This 11 year diary will soon be published in many different languages, to be distributed worldwide. A true story full of adventure, thrills, and emotions; One man struggling to spread the message of peace and humanity around the world. It is the story of a humble human, who faced a sleepless night in a five star hotel, where a day before he had a peaceful night on the open street under a clear sky. The  heart touching incidents he encountered, the hunger and survival, sometimes surviving eating orange peels in the jungle and other times ignoring delicious pizzas placed before him. He faced many threats and attacks that could have taken his life, marriage proposals which could have changed his course, all stories we find in a soon to be published diary “Around the world in 11 years” by Pushkar Shah. Like his experience of pedaling in -5 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius, the ups and downs he faced in his journey can inspire us all, striving to bring all humans together in one world, a world of Peace.




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